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I'm a Filipino-American, born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. Growing up as an only child, standards were set very high when it came to pursuing a future career path. Yeah, a typical filipino household means that you grow up studying for a job in the medical field. And guess what, I did. For 9 years I was passionate about helping others and eventually completed my studies to become a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. I worked with all types of patients but fell in love with a specialty in pediatrics. Practicing physical therapy was such a rewarding experience, but a part of me still felt like something was missing. 

Photography has always been a lifelong passion of mine, I picked up my first camera as a gift from my dad when I was 14 years old. My dad had a knack for photography and showed me all his original cameras that he kept from the 80's and 90's. He was in love with film and always took me with him to get his photos developed on the weekends. When I got my first camera, it never left my side. I took photos at parties, sporting events, school and of course everyone with a camera took their own selfies, you know even those ones in the bathroom mirror (lol). 

Never in a million years would I have thought that my lifelong hobby could eventually become my career. I focused on my future, working my way through college and grad school to achieve my license to practice, but a part of me realized that I wanted to pursue a career that allowed me to go on adventures and meet a lot of new people. So in 2019, I took that risk, changed my hours from full time to part time and put more focus on my photography. I booked my first gig later that year and since then I never looked back. 


And then in the blink of an eye, in early 2020, along came Covid-19. Places began to close down, people started losing their jobs, and of course the clinic I worked at eventually closed. So I thought to myself, what's next? With the endless support of my wife, I knew that this was a sign to fully pursue what I loved to do, and guess what, I did. To this day, I do not regret making the full time switch to photography, I love what I do and I love working alongside my clients to make sure their special day is simply magical. Weddings and engagements take me to many different places and I love having my family with me every single time we can getaway from home and explore the world around us. I'm very passionate about my work, and I am excited about all the growth that comes along with it. I definitely can't wait to see where this journey will take me, but I can truly say I'm loving every single second of it!


  • I'm a father of 2, and married my college sweetheart in 2018. 

  • As a true LA native, I'm a sports fanatic. Go Lakers & Go Dodgers!

  • I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, peach rings are my favorite.

  • I'm obsessed with shoes, and honestly I have more kicks than clothes.

  • I'm a Taurus, so patience is my virtue, but I'm also very reliable and thorough. (book me and you'll see!)

  • I'm a Marvel junkie and Spiderman is my favorite superhero.

  • Some may say I have OCD, but I just love having everything organized and in order. (saves the stress, you'll thank me later)

  • If I could eat the same meal everyday, then In-N-Out it is, Double Double Please!

  • I love my truck, and I'll always find an excuse to go over-landing.

  • If I'm not editing, I spend my free time online playing video games, catch me on XBOX Live.

  • Family and friends are my life.

  • I'm addicted to Boba just like my wife. 

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